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                             T.I.M. Talks

TIM Talks

T.I.M. Talks: Theology In Ministry


Join Rev. Tim Lanham, Executive Director for a multi-day Bible study experience while being fully immersed in the picturesque scenery of Glacier Camp. These group experiences are geared toward the young-at-heart and are sure to enhance your understanding of scripture and building Christ-centered relationships.


Dates for TIM Talks:  2024

Coming Soon...

*Notes on Glacier Camp's registration program.  1. This the same platform for our summer camp programs, so don't let the pictures fool you.

2. The application uses a participant's age to determine all relevant available programs.  However, we promise, we will not tell anybody how old you are. 

For More Information:
Call – 406-844-2114
Email -


To Register:

Call – 406-844-2114

Email -

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