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Which camp is my child able to attend?

Glacier Camp uses the "graduation model" which means your child will attend the camp grade which they are entering in the fall.

Mini Camp – grades 1-2 Junior Camp – grades 3-5 Jr. High camp – grades 6-8 High School Camp – grades 9-12 Leader In Training – grades 9-12 


When is summer camp check-in and check-out?

Check-in for all overnight camps is on Sunday from 3:00pm-5:00pm. If you need to arrive later then 5:00pm please call our office at 406-844-2114 to let us know. Please do not arrive before 3:00pm! We understand that you are super excited to start the week; however we will not be ready to accept and check in your child. closing worship is at 9am and checkout is at 10am on the last day of camp.

Where is check-in and check-out located?

Check-in and check-out for overnight camps will be held in the Lake Lodge.  When arriving for both check-in and check-out please park in our large parking lot or handicapped parking lot.

Where will my child stay during summer camp?

Campers stay in Rustic Camp (aka Lower Camp).  Rustic Camp consists of the Lake Lodge (facility building) Nine Cabins, two bathhouses and the O'Neil Chapel.  The facility also includes the game field, and waterfront.  Summer Camp Campus Information.

What type of program does Glacier Camp operate?

Glacier Camp operates a Christ Centered - Small Group Camping Model.  


Will my child be able to keep/use their cell phone during the week?

We find that phones are a distraction for campers. we encourage you to leave your child's cell phone at home.  We will collect all cell phones from campers at check-in.& these items are secured in our front office. we will hand back all cell phones to campers at check-out. in the event you need to reach your child please call the camp office at 406-844-2114. why can't my child bring a cell phone? in today’s world of technology and constant communication it’s difficult to hear that cell phones are not allowed. however, we do not allow cell phones for two major reasons: 1. privacy: most cell phones have cameras and the capability to share images instantly over networks, with or without the permission of those in the photos. this is also a safety issue for any campers who may be involved in a custodial dispute. 2. cell phones distract from all the amazing camp activities: camp is a time for your child to be removed from the distractions of their everyday life and immerse themselves in strengthening their relationship with god while also developing friendships with other campers. we will never tell you that you cannot communicate with your child while they are at camp and we are always willing to work with you to find the best way to communicate with your child whether it’s by email or through a phone call from one of our directors.

How do I register my child for camp?

Click above or visit and complete the registration online.  Payment is due in full prior to arrival at camp - this includes any portion being covered by a local church or other third party. note to church leaders: if your church is paying all or some of the camper fee, please send payments in with the registration form when at all possible. health/medical and other important forms completed health & medical forms are required for all persons under the age of 18 prior to attending camp. the forms must be signed by a parent/guardian and a physician and be presented at or before check-in. campers without a completed health form will not be admitted. forms are available online as a part of the registration process, and also in downloadable pdf format at if you need to fill them manually. refund policy refund of the camp fee, minus $75.00 will be given for cancellations made at least 3 weeks prior to camp. no refund will be given for cancellations within *21 days of camp or for “no shows.”


How are your staff chosen and trained?

our staff come from a variety of locations. they are selected to serve based on faith, experience with youth & children, maturity, and aptitude for building healthy relationships within the camp community. all staff members go through an application, interview, and thorough screening process (including background check) before being hired. once they have been hired, they will spend nearly two weeks in extensive training which covers everything from Christian leadership, to how to lead all activities.


What do I pack for camp?

you can find a “what to bring to camp” list follow the link below. please note that we have a strict “no cell phone” policy. *an addition to our list for 2022 is a personal mask, and personal hand-sanitizer what happens if my child gets homesick? our staff is fully trained on how to relate to your camper if they miss home. your child’s counselor will inform either the camp director or the program director of your child’s situation. at that point we will contact you and let you know how your camper is feeling and work closely with you to make sure that your camper has a successful stay at camp. we will always make decisions based on what is best for each camper.

Packing Lists

How does the camp handle food allergies?

If your child has a food allergy or is on a special diet food allergies need to be entered into your Child's health form during registration.  If your child has a severe allergy we will eliminate that item from our menu entirely for that week of camp. Please contact camp to make these prior arrangements prior to your child's week at camp.  If you have other questions or concerns please contact the camp at 406-844-2114. 


Is there financial assistance available?

Yes. We first encourage you to speak with your local church about helping to pay for the cost of camp. Many churches offer full or partial scholarships for campers. If that is not your case please apply online by clicking here or call us at 406-844-2114 for more information. Financial assistance may be limited. Camp scholarships are designed to help a child attend one week of a standard resident camp.


How do I book a retreat at Glacier Camp?

Call our office at 406-844-2114 or email us at 

When is Check-in and Check-out for Guest Group?

Check-in: 3pm
Check-out: 11am (bedrooms)
Check-out: 1pm (facility)

Why are there set Check-In and Check-out time at Glacier Camp?

Check-In and Check-Out times are set to allow our small staff time to prepare for our next guests arrival, as well as having scheduled time off between groups.

Is Glacier Camp a Wedding Venue?

Yes, Glacier Camp is a great place to hold a Wedding and /or Reception. 

Does Glacier Camp allow alcohol on site during events?

Guests can request the Glacier Camp alcohol policy from Camp Staff.

Call our office at 406-844-2114 or email us at 

What information would help me in planning my retreat?

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